Who am I?

Born in the middle of the last century, I do not yet know how to answer this existential question!

One thing is certain. I have been creative during the past 30 years and it reveals a lot about who I am, how the worlds inside me operate, without the need for words to explain my journey.

In fact, that journey is quite simple.

I am a mother of 2 daughers and grandmother of 4 grandchildren.

I worked in the personal care field.

I moved 10 times since my divorce in 1996.

And my various artworks, you will see, move like me!

It was about 30 years ago that I became acquainted with meditative painting which quickly became… a passion.

Letting the colours do their work in the presence of a drop or a trickle of water, on a dry or wet sheet is fascinating; it is a universe of boundless discoveries.

Over time, the meditative has sharpened the intuitive, the dreamlike, the playful.

The colour ranges have given shape to human, animal, comical, dreamy or bizarre creatures.

After watercolours (pencils and/or pans), I explored other mediums such as pastels and ecoline.

The watercolour pencil remains my favorite medium. It is in perfect harmony with my inner child, still very lively at 73.

Over time, while using watercolour, etc. I also created mandalas.

In the center of this round container, my world and ideas find a resting place and evolve.

They are the expression of my moods and inner discoveries by symbols, or by being figurative.

They witness all the inner work necessary for their elaboration.

The universe is ONE and by looking at artwork, everyone can be touched or attracted by an aspect, which can be invisible or insignificant to another person. We can project ourselves, recognise ourselves or measure the distance between ourselves and “it”.

But it’s definitely a bridge between you and me.

I see my works as a sometimes clumsy, sometimes happy attempt to reveal a bit of the soul. It also shows our human ties. It makes me happy to watch you being challenged, touched and moved by my work.

It is my contribution to a more free, true and just world.

Have fun with the discoveries!